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coastal style

How to Décor Your Interiors in Coastal Style

What is Coastal Style Décor Coastal style is a nature-inspired style with influence from beaches, seashores, etc. The Coastal decoration creates a light, airy, and calm atmosphere of beautiful coastal/seaside-like […]

A Quick Start Guide to Design in Minimalist Style

What is Minimalist Style Décor? Minimalist style Follows the principle -“Less is more” and its simplicity, geometric shapes, minimal décor without ornamentation. Minimalism implies the reduction of all elements to […]

The Definitive Guide to Design in Modern Style

Modern style Follows the principle-“Form follows function” .Its characteristics are Simplicity, Straight and clean lines with no extra details. Some of the Features of this Style are -Follows the principle-“Form […]

How to Decorate in Mid-Century Modern Style design

Mid century modern style is simple and nature integrated design, seemingly futuristic aesthetic. Some of the features of Mid-Century Modern Style are -Simple and nature integrated design-Emphasis on function,-Seemingly futuristic […]

How to Decor Your Interiors in Industrial Style

Industrial Style is inspired by the look of factories, warehouses, industrial structures, etc. Some of the Features of Industrial Style are -Raw unfurnished look, hardwearing furnishings. -Materials like exposed brick, […]

outdoor lights

Outdoor Lights – Types – Light Fixtures

Outdoor Lights Outdoor lights are essential for safety and security, different activity areas and also to accent architectural features, porches, and patios, landscape elements, etc. Proper selection, style, design of […]

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