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Wall Art Themes – 22 Types to Brighten Your Interiors

The most popular type of décor is Interior wall art themes in the form of paintings, photographic prints, etc., enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room and other interior spaces. Wall arts act as a visual retreat and rejuvenate the ambience of any space instantly.

Each art is unique, distinctive, and enhances the décor. They are available in various colours, themes, sizes (small, medium, large, oversize), painting types (acrylic, oil, etc.,) orientation(landscape/portrait), material (canvas, wood, etc.,), finish, format (frame, canvas, etc.) Also, various artworks adhere to different subjects, styles, and themes.

Giant artworks create an impressive focal point to any space. Wall art piece with bold colour and integrated with the design style of the room sets the perfect ambience to your room.

Small artworks can be worked out in pairs or arranged in a collage manner to create focal points.

1.Interior Wall Art Themes-Abstract

wall art themes

Abstract art is a creation of expression and reflection of what an artist sees to create an attractive effect using exciting colours, textures, brush strokes, and design themes. There are different subjects and themes in this artwork and each art is unique and distinctive in itself. Even though each artwork suits/enhance two or more different styles of room décor, a careful selection of these would complement the décor style of the room. For instance, a canvas art with an autumn theme (sunlight glowing in a forest with trees) enhances the coastal, farmhouse style of décor compared to contemporary style. Abstract art paintings are perfect for any room in residential and commercial space decor.


wall art themes

These paintings are subjected to the theme of animal kingdom and wildlife reflecting the interpretation of different types of animals, including domestic and wild animals. Whether it is a painting of a lion in a dense forest or a pet dog reading a newspaper or an elephant surrounded by trees, there is something unique and exciting in form of painting expressing the artist’s feel and creation. They are ideal for modern and contemporary style interiors in various residential and commercial spaces. If you are mesmerized with animals and are animal lovers, then certainly go for it!


wall art themes

These paintings represent various interior and exterior views of architecture from different parts of the world, distinct architectural features, details, etc. Most of them are realistic reproductions of architectural buildings and interiors. The paintings can be of historical temples or modern buildings or church interiors or a simple morocco style door. They represent various forms and styles of architecture creating a unique expression in the interiors. They are ideal for any type of décor depending on the colour, scene of the painting for homes, office, and interiors. Perfect for those who are passionate about art, architecture, and interiors!

4.Astronomy and Space

These paintings represent various elements of astronomy; constellations, galaxies, Nebulas, planets, stars, asteroids, moon, comets, etc., whether it is an image of the graphical print on canvas or an artist’s painting of his imaginary, they add depth and create an illusion that the art is floating into the wall. Ideal for contemporary style and also for a different type of décor for home, office, galleries, etc.

5.Black and White

wall art themes

These are unique paintings with the use of only two colours black and white that brings contrast and effect to any room. Black and white paintings suit any type of décor as they feature various subjects, textures, details, etc., These paintings illustrate that colour is not needed for a beautiful and striking effect.


wall art themes

One of the most popular types of artwork is bird paintings with various types of beautiful and gorgeous birds present in different parts of the world. The paintings of birds (such as a dancing peacock beneath the tree, birds in pair of a tree branch, swan in the lake) are breathtaking in appearance and will transform the way the wall looks of an interior. They are ideal for most of the interior design style décor whether it is residential or commercial interiors.


wall art themes

Botanical art captures the beauty of nature and brings a vibrant and lively feel to your home; ideal for any type of décor. They depict a different type of plant species, flowers, trees, leaves, etc. which can be of scientific purpose or artistic creation and illustration in various forms, colours, and details. It can be a floral bouquet or a colourful garden full of flowers or part of the flora, they add the aesthetic value of any room capturing the essence of trees, plants, flowers and leaves.


wall art themes

Cityscape paintings exhibit the character of an urban space or city ranging from a single city to a major urban space depending on the artist’s creation. They can be realistic productions of architectural style such as the painting of the church representing Gothic style or a busy street view to a calm and refreshing cloudy day, these are unique and expressive. Perfect for those who love travelling around the world, these pictures add an urban touch to plain and boring walls.


wall art themes

These are paintings capturing the attention of children of different age groups and gives a colourful look to the walls and are alluring. A depiction of innocent childhood, childhood memories, cartoon characters, etc., is seen in the form of images with different subjects, colours, styles, characters, details, etc., expressively. Ideal for children room wall décor. Different images such as a Disney land (all-time favourite), Japanese fairy, tom and jerry character or a portrait of children playing in the sand that brings memories to life.

10.Coastal and Maritime

wall art themes

These paintings depict scenes of coastal areas, seashores, topographical views, ships, harbours, etc. that signify the beauty of nature and importance of harbour by mesmerizing views. Different types of artwork suit a different type of décor and room. For instance, painting of palm trees near coastal area is ideal for coastal/farmhouse décor, and art of romantic full moon oversea is perfect for bedroom and sets an ideal ambience and mood in the room.

11.Dance and Music

wall art themes

Paintings of various musical instruments or performing musicians and dancers or personalities representing the significance of arts, culture, expression, etc., takes centre stage of any décor through colours, expression, and artist’s creation. Perfect for those who love and have a passion for music. Decorating the wall with paintings of musical instrument/favourite musical personality/ traditional /folk dance, etc. add depth, drama, a movement to any room. Ideal for family and study rooms, musical stores and concert halls, auditoriums, etc.

12.Design and Pattern

wall art themes

Artists create visually appealing designs and patterns including motifs, geometric patterns, spirals, florals, ornamental, etc., to name a few. These paintings highlight symmetry, harmony, rhythm, etc., that is unique and visually appealing. They are eye-catching, add interest, vibrancy to any room and suits any kind of design décor style.


wall art themes

Paintings of costume design highlight different trends in costumes of men, women, and children ranging from the ancient days to modern times. They highlight culture, lifestyle, style, manner, etc. These are ideal for living room residences or commercial spaces especially fashion stores where they draw the attention of visitors and add elegance to the décor. Perfect for any type of décor depending on the style of painting and interest of the user.

14.Fantasy and Sci-Fi

wall art themes

Fantasy themes include images and paintings of Aliens, Fairies, Mermaids, Dragons, etc., can be referenced from fairy tales or stories of Arabian nights or a new subject of an artist’s imagination.

Science Fiction themes include astronauts, planets, space etc., to name a few. Sci-Fi paintings complement any type of décor that adds charm, fascination and captures attention. If you are fascinated about fairies or science fiction, then bring in fantasy and science fiction paintings.

15.Film and Icon

Themes of film feature various celebrity icons, film icons, movie scenes and advertisements, etc., of different types ranging from old films to Hollywood regency. If you are fond of movies and fans of celebrities, you can certainly go for it. These arts designed to delight any room décor, provide enthusiasm and captivate the audience. Ideal for homes, residential and commercial spaces like movie theatres, auditoriums, etc.

16.Food and Beverage

One of the popular art is themes of food, wine, cuisine, etc. indicating the significance of food, cuisine representing a particular country or region, and carrying a symbolic meaning. Perfect for kitchen, dining in residential spaces, restaurants, food courts, etc., for drawing the attention of the viewer.


Landscape paintings include beaches, mountains, waterfalls, gardens, rural scenes, deserts, forests, name a few. Artists create wonderful sceneries capturing the elements of nature and its serene in a form of canvas with attractive colours and textures. It can be a waterfall scenery/sunrise/sunset scenery, these paintings add life, brings positive mood and relaxation to any décor. Ideal for any residential/commercial spaces; they are perfect for nature lovers and brings the feel of beauty and diversity of nature at home.


Map paintings are not only for décor but they represent various geographical locations, cities, places, topography, landscapes, etc., whether it a city map or world map. Perfect for study rooms and family rooms adding educational accents, these add color, vibrancy and exceptional detail to space with the modern/contemporary style.


Spiritual and religious arts are the symbols of peace, happiness, and prosperity enhancing divine and spiritualty among viewers. According to Vastu and Fengshui, these increase flow of positive energy and are ideal for family rooms, prayer rooms, etc., arts such as Buddha paintings are ideal for meditation rooms that bring in peace and offer a relaxed mindset.


Sports paintings display sports equipment, sportsman’s playing, personality, etc., to name a few highlighting the significance of sports and games in life. Perfect for sports lovers; Decorating the wall with your favourite sports personality can also encourage and motivate an athlete. They bring a sense of movement and excitement to the empty wall in the room; ideal for homes, commercial spaces, sports coaching environment, etc.

21.Transport and Travel

Transport and travel theme portrays different types of vehicles, aircraft, ships, etc., or can be a creation of the artist’s memories of travel. Mediums of travel from traditional style cycle to a car, tram, cruise, aircraft, etc., these paintings or images captivate visitors and are suitable to many interior styles. Showcasing the wall with paintings such as boats with the sunrise, river, and sky, aircraft amidst the clouds not only enhance interiors but also visualize the beauty of nature.

22.Typography,Words,and Quotes

wall art themes

Typography theme showcases smart use of lettering with different line types, letter styles while engaging and attracting visitors. Quotes and words can be an inspirational quote from a famous personality /a thanksgiving message with different themes and subjects, etc. Addition of an inspirational quote is ideal for study rooms which not only acts as a focal point but also helps in motivating and increased productivity.

Written by Sahithi (Architect and Interior Designer)

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