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Hoysala Architecture – Hunaseshwara Temple

Mr. K. V. For those who read the historical novel of Shantala by Iyer, remember the Garuda’s proposal there. Such system is not found anywhere in India. Garuda has to be remembered for the example of the peak of a unique loyalty to Karnataka. Because they really understand the meaning of insults, they are right.

  • Deity – Hunaseshwara
  • Location – Agrahara Bachalli
  • District – Mandya
  • Taluk – KR Pete
  • Type – Shaiva

They are the ones who dedicated themselves to the complete protection of the kings they were serving. If these people, who were also known as Lenkare, once failed to protect the dignity of the king, it was in the time of Hoysala’s time to commit suicide along with their family. This sculpture style seen in Agrahara Bachalli village of Krishnarajapet Taluk of Mandya as a memorial of them is unique. That’s also an honor given to the eagles by the kings.

This temple located in the middle of a small village is called the Huniseshwara temple. A priest found a Shivalinga under a tamarind tree and built a temple for it. There are no references in any legislation regarding this temple.

Three 15 feet tall sculptures can be seen in front of this. These were created during the rule of Hoysala’s king 1st Ballalaraya and third Narasimha, i.e. in 11th century. Kings and queens are traveling on an elephant. The eagle sitting in front of them. His loyalty and bravery is admired to the king. Therefore the king has held his hand respectfully. Queen and family behind the king.

The details of such a visual poetry are seen in the statues below it. Amazingly decorated elephants, their walking tv is fascinating.

Image-Information Courtesy: Thomas Alexander,


Shashidhara HG from Bangalore

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