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Category: Wall Finishes

Panelling-wood types

Panelling-Engineered Wood Types used in Interiors

There are different wood types used for wall paneling. Below are the most commonly used for wall paneling: Chipboard, Fiberboard, Blockboard, Plywood, Reclaimed wood. 1.Chipboard Chipboards are made with wood […]

stone cladding

Stone Cladding and its Types Used in Interiors

Stone Cladding Most common types of stone used for cladding are granite, marble, slate, limestone, bluestone PROS Strength, durability and aesthetic appeal Environment-friendly Appearance: add visual impact, interest and visual […]


A Definitive Guide to Plaster and Render

Plaster and Render Plastering is a process of covering rough surfaces with a plastic material to obtain an even, smooth, regular, clean and durable surface. External plastering is termed as […]

type of paints

An Essential Guide to Type of Paints

Paint is a form of liquid which, on drying, forms a thin film on the painted surface. Type of paints vary based on solvents, application, sheen, etc. Paint Paint is […]