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Category: Wall Finishes

Panelling-wood types

Panelling-Engineered Wood Types used in Interiors

There are different wood types used for wall paneling. Below are the most commonly used for wall paneling: Chipboard, Fiberboard, Blockboard, Plywood, Reclaimed wood. 1.Chipboard Chipboards are made with wood […]


A Definitive Guide to Plaster and Render

Plaster and Render Plastering is a process of covering rough surfaces with a plastic material to obtain an even, smooth, regular, clean and durable surface. External plastering is termed as […]

type of paints

Type of Paints

Paint is a form of liquid which, on drying, forms a thin film on the painted surface. Type of paints vary based on solvents, application, sheen, etc. Paint Paint is […]

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