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8 Fascinating Examples of Light as Architectural Concepts

“Architecture appears for the first time when the sunlight hits a wall. The sunlight did not know what it was before it hit a wall.”- By Louis Kahn. The elegance of design and the…

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Terrace Gardens

8 Elements That Are Essential For Sturdy Terrace Gardens

The terrace garden is a small kind of home garden on a terrace, rooftop, of an apartment, house, and various kind of buildings. Terrace gardens are very famous in populated areas and many urban…

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Indoor Plants

10 Types of Indoor Plants That will Enhance Your Interiors

Our community has always evolved around plants. From depending on plants for our basic needs in old days to using plants in interior decorations in modern lifestyle. Use of plants in interiors has gained…

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Mediterranean Houses

Know About Mediterranean Houses and Its Characteristics

European countries are famous for the beauty of buildings that are influenced by ancient cultures. Europe always gives architectural memories in their country and the colonial territory. You can see that splendour in every…

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7 Aspects You Need to Know Before Lighting Living Room

Are you struggling or thinking about how to design your living room with effective lighting? Lighting Living Room is essential as most of the time spent in indoors is the living room. The living…

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