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5 Types of Curtain Hanging Styles for Interiors

There are different types of curtain hanging styles that add beauty and depth to the interiors. In this article, a brief of 5 types are discussed.

Curtain Hanging Styles

The top of curtains, called “curtain headings” are a way of styling curtains which adds beauty, aesthetics, style and adjusting the mood.

The hanging style also can act as a focal point of the room.


Grommets include silvers rings (eyelets) at the header and inserted into the rods creating deep folds. The curtains hang freely and are ideal for contemporary, modern and minimalistic style.

This is suitable for light to medium weight fabrics such as cotton, linen, etc. and are easy to open, close and maintain.

2.Rod Pocket

A pocket is sewn across the top of the curtain panel through which the curtain rod is inserted.

These are suitable for lightweight fabrics and used in rooms that are used less frequently.

3.Pleated Drapes

Pleated drapes are formed with a header tape that is sewn at the panels back, the tape forms pleats when pulled together. The hanging hooks are then inserted into the tape, and the panels hung on rings use a cord and pulling system for opening and closing of the curtains.

There are several styles of pleats that create elegant feel and enhance any type of room.

PINCH PLEAT: they are a series of equally spaced single, double, triple, four-finger pleat, five finger pleats

Single pinch pleat: pleats are 4 ” deep and creates a simple and casual feel.

Double pinch pleat: pleats are 4″ deep and created a simple and requires 2 times the fabric to form pleats.

Triple pinch pleat: the fabric required is 2.5 times of fabric sewn and adds fullness than single and double pinch pleats

GOBLET PLEAT: goblet pleats make an elegant header for longer lengths and creates formal and luxurious feel. The header of the curtain is with a series of goblet shape (look like a glass bottle) at regular intervals

they are stuffed with a lining or tissue paper or cotton wool to retain their shape.

PENCIL PLEAT: pencil pleats are thin folds which continue throughout the length creating a simple, casual and classic feel.

BOX PLEAT: box pleated curtains give a very tailored look and drape into deep folds down the full length of the curtains. The pleats butt into each other with no overlap between them.

4.Tab Top

Tab top curtains are made with narrow straps, that loop or tie at the edge and hung from the curtain rod. This creates a simple and informal style.

5.Back Tab

The back tab is similar to tab top, the difference is that the loops of the curtains are not visible thus providing better light absorption and heat insulation.

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